Yousefi Family Law Firm

YLaw Group is a highly effective client-oriented litigation law firm located in the heart of downtown, Vancouver. We specialize in Family Law, Criminal Law, Immigration Law and General Disputes. We have an outstanding success record and will guide you through all steps of your litigation.YLaw Group was established with a simple goal: taking clients through their challenging legal journeys with compassionate, effective and valuable legal protection.

Ronak (Leena) Yousefi, the founder of YLaw Group worked for one of the biggest Family Law firms in BC where she obtained valuable litigation and advocacy experience. She lived her work life on the full and fast edge and was unafraid of taking challenging, acrimonious or and multi-million dollar cases. She has an outstanding track record of success.

As a child, she grew up with the vision of helping people. Her unique vision for how a litigation law firm should be run motivated her to start one of her own. So far, it has been an ultra successful experience.

At YLaw Group, we relate to our clients on a personal level and do not treat them as mere numbers. We have morning meetings in which we talk about every client’s case and ensure we keep the clients up to date at every step of litigation.

Call us at 604-974-YLAW or email email We’d be honoured to assist you with all your matrimonial, criminal or immigration law issues!